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As-Siraat aims to promote Islamic Education to ensure the nurturing and development of younger generations. We are a multi dimensional dawah project with a focus in education, publication, madrasa, engagement and retreats.


As-Siraat or ‘the path’, is derived from Al-Fatiha (the opening chapter of the Noble Qur’an). With this in mind, As-Siraat aims to inspire the generation of today towards the noble path of salvation.


With over 21 courses carefully crafted and designed to the highest standard, we offer comprehensive programmes of studies suited to the needs of the diverse audience we have had the pleasure of encountering. Our classical methods of teaching infused with modern teaching techniques guarantees to leave a yearning in the heart of students to want to pursue further studies and attain academic excellence.


We have a dedicated and committed team of teachers and academics who are all focused in ensuring the preservation and promotion of classical Islamic scholarship and traditions. We pride our teachers on being firmly rooted in understanding the Divine Message as delivered by the Best of the Creation (Eternal peace and blessings be upon him) as was practised by the pious predecessors and noble scholars that later followed.

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