Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are at the forefront of all courses we develop and deliver. They define our very reason for any course we may offer. Take a look and see what it is that inspires us to inspire you:


  1. To impart Islamic Education for future generations.
  2. Provide a source of inspiration for the Muslims in the United Kingdom and wider communities.
  3. Provide resources by way of publications of classical Islamic texts to make available to the audience in the West.
  4. Remain non-partisan in affairs that do not concern Islamic spiritual enrichment and education.
  5. Provide leadership courses and teacher training enabling an effective delivery of Islamic Education.
  6. Provide guidance and further facilitate advance studies in the Islamic Sciences.
  7. Provide Islamic academic research and development opportunities.
  8. Develop links and network with other Islamic Educational establishments to aid and promote the stated objectives.