Adult Refreshers

Course ID: 0007
Length: 5 Weeks

Course Summary


Life has us tied down so much that we have forgotten the basics and beauty of living. Belief, Worship and Interactions are what give our life meaning and purpose, thus it is essential we know the intrinsic details of our foundations in relation to how Allah, Most High, has defined them and us. If we allow the foundations to be beautified, then our outlook on life and day to day activities will also be beautified. The Adult Refresher Course allows us to go back to these basics and rejuvenate and replenish them so that we become stronger Muslims. This course includes a three part structure, discussing our beliefs (Aqidah), daily worship (Salah) as well as contemporary issues that we face on a daily basis.

Course Details

Some of the course highlights include:

• A deep and practical understanding of the core beliefs mentioned in ImanMufassal and ImanMujmal
• A word for word explanation of the 6 Declarations of Faith
• An in-depth analysis of Ayat-ulQursi (Verse of the Throne) in relation to our beliefs
• Practical applications relating to Salah
• Common mistakes highlighted in the Arabic recitation during Salah
• Revision of units of in daily prayer
• Duas (supplications) we can use in our daily prayers
• Discussion of issues pertaining to hijab, education and women in society
• Practical help and advise relating to ties of kinship, upbringing children and family life


Upon completion of the course you will have reaffirmed the fundamentals of Islam and discussed the main topics and issues many of us deal with regularly such that one is able to confidently face them with the right perspective and handling. You will have revitalised your understanding of where we come from, what we are doing here, and where we are going, thus giving your life a beautiful meaning and purpose. It will leave you with a firm conviction in all the tenets of faith, confidence in your worship and a fresh understanding of how to deal and interact with people in a way most pleasing to Allah, Most High.


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