Instructor(s): TBA
Course ID: 0009
Length: 5 Weeks

Course Summary

Al-Ajrumiyyah is a skilfully written poem designed to facilitate memorisation of the central laws of Arabic grammar in a clear and simple manner. It was composed by Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Dau’d as-Sinhaji (672-723 A.H.), also known as Ibn Ajrum. It is one of the earliest and widely accepted texts taught within Islamic curriculums and loved by many scholars. The poem presents various chapters and sub-chapters on some of the basic as well as advanced laws of Arabic grammar, which are prerequisite for understanding the Quran, Hadith and Arabic texts.

It is said that, Ibn Ajrum, after composing his text on Arabic grammar in front of the blessed Ka’ba threw his book into the sea saying, “If this was purely for the sake of Allah Most High, it will not get wet.” The book, miraculously did not get wet, and therefore became famous under the name Al-Ajrumiyyah. Spreading from Syria in the East to Morocco in the West, and being studied extensively until the present day all over the world, Al-Ajurumiyyah is distinguished by its barakah (blessing) and scholarly acceptance.

Course Details

This course will allow you to cover this blessed text and provide a fundamental understanding of the most central principles and concepts in Arabic Grammar and help practically apply those theoretical principles towards reading an actual Arabic text. The focus of the course is to get behind the scenes of Al-Ajrumiyyah and understand the theory of Arabic grammar at a deep level such that you become totally immersed in the beauty of the Arabic language.

Some of the course highlights include:

• Word for word understanding of the famous Arabic poem Al-Ajrummiyah
• An organised presentation of the Arabic grammar rules and definitions covered in the text
• Ability to understand and inflect Arabic sentences in the correct way
• Appreciation of the depth and intricacy of the Arabic language
• Ability to grammatically analyse Quranic verses as well as other Arabic texts

Upon completion of this course you will have studied one of the most famous classical primers of Arabic grammar that has been studied across the world for centuries by both Arabs and non-Arabs. You will have gained a comprehensive map of theoretical Arabic grammar which you will refer to for the rest of your life and use as a basis for further study.



Sessions Dates

  • Saturday 02/05/2016 @6PM