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Alima Course

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Course Summary

alima course

This exciting and new part time course in the English medium provides sisters with all the necessary training and development needed to become grounded in Islamic knowledge. The syllabus has been designed to enable sisters to excel both in the fluency of the classic Arabic texts and also the practical application of communicating this to others through the prophetic example. With the increasing pressures of our modern society the need for female scholars firmly rooted within the traditional Islamic sciences has now become more important than ever before. Upon completion of this course sisters will have that inner conviction and self awareness needed to deliver and engage with Muslims and non-Muslims on contemporary issues and tackle concerns both locally as well as within the wider community.

Course Details

Our intention is to inculcate a new breed of aspiring Alima’s with the capabilities and foresight to support families and local communities with challenging societal issues in these difficult times. It is an ideal opportunity to benefit from experienced and professional teachers who have been serving the community for many years. This course allows the full time and busy members of our community to study the sacred sciences in a convenient and part time capacity. This robust syllabus requires dedicated and committed students who are self-motivated to allocate additional time for this intense and rewarding study.

The course will include the following:

• An in-depth study in Aqidah (Matters of Belief)
• Fiqh (Jurisprudence both in worship and personal interactions)
• A proficient understanding of both reading the Arabic Language and understanding sacred meanings (covering both Sarf & Nahu).
• A good command of classical Quranic recitation backed up with the full support of professional and experienced reciters/teachers, whilst honing their craft becoming familiar with the tried and tested methods of teaching.
• All sisters will be given ample assistance to develop their public sermons skills and be trained in answering challenging and controversial questions.

In addition, the course will involve a range of subjects including, Tajweed, Tazkiya and Tarbiyah.



Cost £40

Estimated Time: 1 day

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