Funeral Rites

Funeral Rites

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‘Every soul shall taste death’ (21:35). A reality we all believe in but many shy away from discussing and prolong preparing for. This course covers the fundamentals one should know in preparation for death, be it their own or someone close to them. It discusses the path our souls will inevitably follow from leaving the body to meeting Allah, Most High, on the Day of Judgement whilst also providing practical guidance as to how one would prepare a deceased body and the procedures that would follow.

Course Details

Some of the course highlights include:

• How to deal with the death of a close one in accordance to the Prophetic example both inwardly and outwardly
• The intricate fiqh rulings surrounding funeral rites, misconceptions and related innovations
• Writing a will & bequests
• A practical workshop explaining how to wash and shroud the body of a deceased person
• Janazah practices and the procedures of burial in accordance to the Prophetic example
• The etiquettes of visiting the graves and common misconceptions
• The intricacies of inheritance and the rulings of distributing wealth or properties to one’s family members in accordance to the Sharia’
• Honouring those who have passed away by identifying and practicing the various Prophetic practices concerning death and embracing how we can benefit others after their death
• Understanding the path one’s soul will follow once it leaves the body, the stage of the grave, and the Day of Judgement

Upon completion of this course, you will know your obligations in relation to deaths and funerals and be able to confidently undertake all responsibilities if you found yourself in such a situation. We are all on a journey to Allah, Most High, and part of our voyage to Allah is our eventual departure from this world. Our inevitable meeting with Allah, Most High is near but He has given us the gift of life and we still have the opportunity to arrange our affairs before we leave, so let us prepare now before it is too late.

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