Islamic Essentials

Islamic Essentials

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Course Summary


This unique and inspirational one year part-time course specially tailored for sisters of all backgrounds ensures to help in the quest for seeking knowledge. In a day and age where the media plays a key role in the portrayal of information, the Islamic Essentials course aims to revive the tradition of seeking knowledge at the feet of well-learned teachers.

The Beloved of Allah (upon Him eternal blessings) said, “Whosoever Allah wishes good for, He gives him understanding of the religion.” (Bukhari and Muslim Shareef)

Course Details

Course highlights include:

• An in-depth study of the Arabic language empowering students and giving them a good grasp in understanding the language of the Book of Allah, Most High.
• A good command of the Aqa’id of Ahlus Sunnah walJama’ah.
• Study of Islamic Law with particular focus on the aspect of daily worship
• Contemporary issues allowing students to tackle and deal with many issues that are presented in society today.
• Sirah of the Messenger of Allah (upon Him eternal blessings)

By the end of this course, you will have a good command in the sciences taught with a clearer perspective in regards to the many dimensions of Islam leaving you with a thirst to seek further education.


Cost £40

Estimated Time: 1 day

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