Making Deen Fun

Making Deen Fun

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Course Summary


Throughout the year the Making Deen Fun series delves into the tenants of faith, the Prophetic biography, rulings of the religion and explores the Quran in an enjoyable and manageable way, tailored for children to learn and have fun. There will be a combination of topics in each set of holidays covering the fundamentals of the Deen both academically and practically relating to our Creator, our Prophet, our Qur’an, our Prayer, our Parents, our Family and our Role models. The content of the first semester will remain the same but the detail and style of teaching will vary according to the ability and age of each child.

Course Details

At the beginning of every semester there will be a revision session of all previous semesters refreshing the child’s understanding of what has already been covered with a fresh approach of the new semester.

A big part of Making Deen Fun is building self-confidence through individual projects and team building exercises, ranging from harmonious group recitations of Quran, articles of faith, the beautiful names of Allah, anasheeds, creative canvass paintings, daily supplications, exciting quiz competitions and much more. Parents will get to see their children perform on the final presentation day followed by an awards and certificate ceremony, and gifts for children who made exceptional effort during their time with us.

Making Deen Fun over the 5 days throughout the year will cover the following:

• Activities – Ice breakers, football, netball and badminton.
• Project: Students will perform plays based on the morals from the blessed Prophetic life. The opportunity of reading anasheeds and exploring their voices will be given. Throughout the different semesters participants will cover model making of the Kaba or Masjid un Nabbawi or other religious monuments. Students will be designing and producing canvass paintings to explore their creative potential based on classical calligraphy or landscape along with quizzes and competitions.
• Tenant of Belief: Iman e Mufassal and Iman e Mujmal (Attributes of Allah) and their translation and exploration through it.
• Daily Assembly’s: Collective reading of Salawat and first three articles of faith, anasheeds, in English, Arabic and Urdu. 99 blessed names of Allah in a collective form.

Throuout the year in each semester we will cover an aspect from the Prophetic life. Initially we will cover the early lifetime of the Prophet peace be upon him, the noble birth and childhood, the Prophets marriage and children, revelation of the Quran, Prophetic migration and the farewell. We will endeavour to pass the names of famous events and Islamic months with their significance and history.

The Book of Allah, students will aspire to perfect their recitation of Surahs in an enjoyable way, taking Arabic words from the Qur’an and explaining where and when they were revealed and under what situation was it revealed, allowing them to build their connection with the Quran.


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