Reviving Ramadhan

Instructor(s): Ustadha Misba Khan
Course ID: 0002
Length: 7 Weeks

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Course Summary

Ramadhan, the most virtuous month in the year, is a time of renewal for a Muslim. This renewal comes through integrating the outward and inward dimensions of fasting, which is why this comprehensive fasting course is ideal in providing the essential knowledge and spiritual understanding that every Muslim should obtain in order to perform the act of fasting correctly. Beginning with an introduction to Ramadhan in order to understand the true meaning and significance of this blessed month, the course will also cover and guide you through the Fiqh rulings regarding fasting alongside the inner dimensions of fasting and eventually how to apply the lessons learned from Ramadhan to the rest of the year.

Course Details

Some of the course highlights include:

• Virtues of Ramadhan and fasting
• Preparations and intentions for Ramadhan
• Basic Fiqh rulings relating to the act of fasting: with clear classification of categories from obligations to Sunnahs, what invalidates and does not invalidate fasting, recommended, prohibited and disliked actions during fasting
• Categories of those who are not obligated to fast during Ramadan
• Rulings of making up missed fasts
• Laylatul-Qadr and other special days in the month of Ramadan and their significance
• Eid ul-Fitr

Discover the keys to the secrets of fasting through understanding the beautiful month of Ramadhan, a month of great mercy, blessings and spiritual training. Throughout this course, you will be motivated to seek the immense spiritual openings of Ramadhan. You will gain a deeper appreciation and love for the month of Ramadhan as well as practical advice and rulings surrounding the month. The blessed month is more than just a month of abstaining from food and drink; it is a time for us to immerse ourselves in deep worship on many levels and experience Islam, true submission to our Lord, Most High, on an intimate level throughout every moment.



Cost £40

Sessions Dates

  • Saturday 01/05/2016 @6PM
  • Sunday 02/05/2016 @7PM
  • Monday 03/05/2016 @8PM
  • Tuesday 04/05/2016 @9PM
  • Wednesday 05/05/2016 @6PM