Surah Nur

Instructor(s): TBA
Course ID: 0005
Length: 5 Weeks

Course Summary


Surah AnNur is the 24th Surah in the Qur’an and consists of 64 Ayahs. Despite the meaningful lessons that can be learnt from this poignant surah, how many of us have reflected over the meanings pertaining to this surah? How much do we know of the circumstances surrounding its revelation? What lessons and rulings are derived from it? For these reasons and more, it should encourage us to learn more about this beautiful surah.

This comprehensive course allows you to delve into many disciplines and lessons from Surah Nur ranging from Aqidah (Theology), Fiqh (Islamic Jurispudence) to Tasawwuf (Spirituality). The course looks at each verse in both Arabic and English translation, allowing oneself to experience first-hand the overwhelming linguistic beauty of the Quran whilst also gaining insights into the multifold meaning of the words and verses.

Course Details

Some of the course highlights include:

• Why is this Surah called An Nur
• Why the surah was revealed and the circumstances surrounding its revelation
• The benefits and virtues of this surah
• Rulings relating to the punishments prescribed in this surah for fornicators
• What is to be done to the one who slanders a chaste woman
• Who are mahram to women and the ruling of hijab
• The special virtues of the Ayah of Light
• The rulings regarding swearing oaths
• Some of the rulings in worldly dealings and etiquettes to be observed when dealing with others specifically mentioned in this surah

By the end of the course, you will have developed a heart-felt connection with Surah An Nur and learnt practical rulings and life lessons touching upon many everyday issues we face on a daily basis such that the next time you recited it, you would be completely attached.



Sessions Dates

  • Saturday 02/05/2016 @6PM