Teacher Training

Instructor(s): TBA
Course ID: 0005
Length: 5 Weeks

Course Summary

teacher training

Teacher Training Course for a new generation of Madrassa teachers
The Madrassa is one of the most important milestones of Islamic education for most Muslims thus the teacher should aspire to be more than just an educator but an example for students. One who really grasps the meaning of Islamic education and it’s relation to society. This unique Teacher Training Course for a new generation of Madrassa teachers hopes to ensure this. A comprehensive course exploring educational principles from Islam’s rich tradition of teaching and learning in a way that is relevant to today’s Madrassas. This course introduces teachers to principles of traditional Islamic pedagogy while building on ideas, theories, and approaches gained in other contemporary education programs and certifications. It is an opportunity to connect educational thought from Islamic tradition with current trends in a way that empowers Muslim educators with a deep appreciation for what it means to serve in a Madrassa.

Course Details

Key areas of training include:

• Learning how to create and enhance the Student-Teacher relationship
• Creating your personal teaching ethos by understanding Islamic educational philosophies and how to connect them to your own practice
• Developing teaching practices inspired by the Prophet Muhammad salalaahu alaihi wasallam, allowing you to completely transform your classroom and the way you engage with students
• Enhancing your organisation’s vision and purpose by understanding modern approaches to schooling and how Islamic education should be unique
• Implementing Islamic character building strategies in your classroom, inspired by your Islamic teaching philosophy and your organisation’s vision for students
• Finding ways to manage the classroom and tackle behavioural problems or issues in relation to youth today
• Integrating Islamic perspectives into units and lesson plans by gaining the tools and resources to know how to create a high standard curriculum
• Appreciating the importance of regular assessment and monitoring to ensure students are consistently supported

By the end of this course participants will have access to some of the most innovative ideas and approaches in the field of Islamic education. From frameworks of curriculum integration to instructional approaches that are uniquely grounded in Islamic tradition, this course aspires to give teachers the tools to embody their organisation’s vision and encourage high standards of practice in Madrassas.



Sessions Dates

  • Saturday 02/05/2016 @6PM