Engagement 2030

An As-Siraat Dawah Initiative

The need for positive dawah in the West has never been greater at the present time. With Muslims under scrutiny in many aspects of their lives, the Islam 2030 project seeks to harness a unified thought of creating a positive dawah platform. This can be established and delivered across towns and cities across the world in upcoming months and years.


The focus of all the initiatives covered within this brochure aim to promote positive dawah inspiring the local and wider community to take on such ideas and develop them. The mission of the project is to encourage dialogue and engagement with the society thus portraying a positive image of Islam and Muslims.


We seek to bridge gaps in understanding and wish to reach and convey a true message of Islam and Muslims direct to each individual. We aim not to preach or establish huge lectures with a mass audience but aim to revive the Prophetic character and teaching of speaking with people on an individual level, one soul at a time.


Allah, Most High, has chosen and placed us on this earth as ambassadors of this deen. It is an incredible responsibility and honour to follow the Prophetic example through this noble endeavour.


“Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action.” Sahih Muslim


Unveiling the veil


I’m a Muslim
not a Terrorist


Media Out-Reach


Balloon release


Community Fun Day


Mawlid in the City


Charity at home


Jihad against terrorism


Rise for the beloved