Meet Your Teachers

Looking for reliable and qualified teachers you can trust? Look no further. You can count on our teachers to provide practical religious guidance to help you live life.

Ahsan Ashraf
If Ahsan is asked what key skills he can bring to any endeavour, at the forefront is his in-depth knowledge of IT software, gadgets, gizmos, storage, platforms, computer performance and Read More
Ijaz Ahmad Shaami
Hailing from a scholastic household, Ijaz Ahmad Shaami initiated his Islamic education at Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham, where he graduated in the Traditional Dars-e-Nizami syllabus under Shaykh Rasul Baksh Read More
Mohammad Amar
Ustadh Mohammad Amar completed his education at Sheffield University and pursued a career in Histopathology. His thirst for sacred sciences began with his travels to the blessed lands of Shaam. Read More
Mohammed Shariff Ali
Imam Mohammad Shariff Ali, after having completed his secondary education began the Hifz ul Qur’an program, shortly after memorising the Qur’an he took a high level of interest in learning Read More
Muhammad Munawar Saleem
Hafidh Munawar began his Islamic education by completing the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an at the age of fifteen. After attaining his GCSE’s he moved to Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, Read More
Muhammad Yaseen
Born and raised in Birmingham, Imam Yaseen is a student of sacred knowledge who developed a strong interest in acquiring the traditional Islamic sciences from an early age. While actively Read More
Rehiela Ayub
Ustadha Rehiela completed her Hifdh-ul-Qur’an at the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust institute in 2007 becoming the first female Hafidh that the institute had produced at the age of 17.
Shagufta Maqbool
Professor Shagufta Maqbool was born in Kashmir, Mirpur. She was the fourth child of an extended family. She began her elementary studies in her local school before going to al-Hira Read More
Shaykha Sadia Mumshad
Shaykha Sadia Mumshad was born in Pakistan, she was third child of the family, her father is a government school teacher with immense passion for education. She started her schooling Read More