Imam Ijaz Ahmad Shaami

Instructor Profile

Name: Imam Ijaz Ahmad Shaami
Situated: Dudley West Midlands

Hailing from a scholastic household, Ijaz Ahmad Shaami initiated his Islamic education at Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham, where he graduated in the Traditional Dars-e-Nizami syllabus under Shaykh Rasul Baksh Saeedi and thereafter continued his education in Damascus, Syria, for four years at specialist institutes of higher Learning.


After completing a chaplaincy course at Loughborough University, he recently was appointed by the Home Office as a full time Muslim chaplain at HMP Winson Green. He is honoured to be representing 35 Islamic institutes from the Black Country region on a national forum MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body). His services are rendered through HSBT Birmingham, Sunni Ulama Council (Black Country) and Dudley Muslim Forum (DMF).


His profound ability to relate to modern day tribulations faced by the youth makes him a popular speaker, as he travels to different parts of the world delivering lectures on numerous Islamic issues.


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