Shaykha Sadia Mumshad

Instructor Profile

Name: Shaykha Sadia Mumshad
Situated: TBA

Shaykha Sadia Mumshad was born in Pakistan, she was third child of the family, her father is a government school teacher with immense passion for education. She started her schooling education at four years old. She completed her five years before moving on to the intermediate school where she completed her elementary education in 2002. She went to al-Hira college Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust Mirpur 2004-2007 to do her Alimah course for four years (She attained the highest marks in the Mirpur educational board Azad Kashmir) and completed her BA degree in Islamic studies and history before embarking on her MA in Arabic (2007) from Punjab University whilst teaching in Islamic Academy in Mirpur. She went to Islamic University Islamabad in 2010 to start on a Mphil Degree in Arabic and linguistic studies and is currently completing her thesis on Morphological studies based on the Prophetic sermons.


She has completed her traditional Darse Nizami certificates and has achieved Ijazah in Quranic recitation, currently working on Ijazah level in Makamaat studies.


Shaykha Sadia is fluent in four languages and has a keen interest in diverse cultures and languages. She has immense teaching experience at graduate level and fond of exploring new computer software.


Currently she resides in Birmingham and serves the community through Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust. As a teacher of the Birmingham Quran Academy and fellow researcher for the As-Siraat Dawah organisation she endeavours to help young people in a drive to inculcate the Prophetic morals and ethics in the youth of today.


She enjoys reading and teaching whilst she is a regular lecturer at various institutes in different parts of the world. She enjoys netball and badminton.


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Shaykha Sadia Mumshad
Shaykha Sadia Mumshad was born in Pakistan, she was third child of the family, her father is a government school teacher with immense passion for education. She started her schooling Read More