Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood

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Khalid Mahmood is one of the central components of As-Siraat through which projects and initiatives are discussed, planned and executed immaculately.

His strong belief in making a difference to life for the local and wider community has been a pivotal element in structuring and organising events, retreats and peaceful protests aswell as raising money in excess of £150,000 for charity.

His profound experiences in life have led to his being sincerely driven by a realisation of every moment in every day being a blessing and an opportunity to try and do something.

He passionately works to try and change negative stereotypes of Islam by way of engaging with individuals at grass root level, portraying the Prophetic character of love and mercy to all that he meets.

Khalid carries out and oversees the Engagement2030 project, an initiative of As-Siraat, undertaken to spread the true message of Islam across the globe. Most notably, his involvement in the flagship Mawlid in the City project and Messages of Mercy project has led to global recognition in making a positive contribution to society.

Khalid currently resides in Coventry with his four children, family and cat, who he has an immense love for after being inspired by the Sirah of the Messenger of Allah (salutations and blessings upon him and his noble family). He also runs his own insurance firm and partakes in football matches regularly with friends and family!